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Conference and Journal Papers

Factoring the Matrix of Domination: A Critical Review and Reimagination of Intersectionality in AI Fairness
Ethical Unaffordances: Collaboratively Developing Evaluation Frameworks for Queer AI Harms
It Takes Two to Tango: Navigating Conceptualizations of NLP Tasks and Measurements of Performance Thereon
Queer In AI: A Case Study in Community-Led Participatory AI
On the Discrimination Risk of Mean Aggregation Feature Imputation in Graphs
Queer in AI
On Dyadic Fairness: Exploring and Mitigating Bias in Graph Connections
Harms of Gender Exclusivity and Challenges in Non-Binary Representation in Language Technologies
MOTIF-Driven Contrastive Learning of Graph Representations
Automated, Cost-Effective Optical System for Accelerated Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) Using Deep Learning
Estimating the Ages of FGK Dwarf Stars Through the Use of GALEX FUV Magnitudes

Workshop Papers

Group Excess Risk Bound of Overparameterized Linear Regression with Constant-Stepsize SGD
You Reap What You Sow: On the Challenges of Bias Evaluation Under Multilingual Settings
How to Make Virtual Conferences Queer-Friendly: A Guide
Motif-Driven Contrastive Learning of Graph Representations
Queer | Inclusive | Badass


BLOOM: A 176B-Parameter Open-Access Multilingual Language Model
Fairness and Bias Mitigation: A practical guide into the AllenNLP Fairness module


  • NSF MENTOR Fellowship (2022)
  • AI2 Outstanding Intern of the Year (2021) Site
  • MLH Top 50 (2021) Site
  • UCLA Samueli School-Wide Outstanding Bachelor of Science (2021) Site
  • UCLA Chancellor's Service Award (2021) Site
  • UCLA Samueli Engineering Achievement Award in Student Welfare (2021) Site
  • UCLA Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship (2021)
  • Boeing Company Scholarship (2021)
  • Brian J. Lewis Endowment (2021)
  • UCLA Dean's Honors List (2018-2021)
  • Computing Research Association Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Honorable Mention (2020) Site
  • IBM Quantum Challenge (2020)
  • 3rd Place Award for Best Hack @ Rose Hack, Major League Hacking (2019)
  • Siemens Competition Regional Finalist (2017) Site
  • Award of Achievement, Association for Computing Machinery, San Francisco Bay Area Professional Chapter (2016)

Invited Talks

  • Bias and Power in NLP, USC ISI (2023) Event Slides Video
  • Bias and Power in NLP (for consultants), Paris (2022) Slides
  • Bias and Power in NLP, NLP Seminars at Dublin College University, Ireland (2022) Slides
  • Guest Lecture: Bias in Natural Language Processing, COM SCI 263: NLP, UCLA (2022) Slides Video
  • Queer in AI: Making AI Queer-Inclusive and Prioritizing Grassroots D&I Activism, Humlab, Umeå University (2022) Slides Video
  • Prioritizing Grassroots D&I Activism: Queer in AI, AAAI Workshop on Diversity in Artificial Intelligence (2022) Event Slides
  • Prioritizing Grassroots D&I Activism: Queer in AI, Nike Sport+AI Conference (2022) Event Slides
  • How Can I Make My Hackathon Queer-Inclusive?, Hackcon IX (2021) Slides Video
  • An Automated and Cost-Effective System for Early Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Using Optical Fibers and Deep Learning, UCLA HHMI Day (2019) Slides

Invited Panels

  • Accessibility and Inclusion Panel, Neuromatch Academy (2022) Video
  • Gender as a Variable in NLP, NAACL Queer in AI Workshop (2022) Event Video
  • Co-Opting AI: Queer, NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge (2022) Event Video
  • How Do We Improve DEI in AI?, Nike Sport+AI Conference (2022)
  • Eye on A.I.: Equity & Inclusion in A.I. Technology, Toronto Public Library (2021) Video
  • Intersectionality Panel, NAACL (2021) Video


  • Seven Ways to Put Intersectionality into Your Research, Queer in AI Blog (2023)
  • Ethics in AI Wonderland, Queer in AI Blog (2023)
  • Arjun Subramonian on Queer Approaches to AI and Computing, The Good Robot (2023)
  • Trans Researchers Want Google Scholar to Stop Deadnaming Them, WIRED (2022)
  • Taking The TamBram Out of Pride Month, gaysi (2022)
  • Asian-Americans, we must resign from our role as Silicon Valley's model minority mascot, XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students, Volume 28, Issue 4 (2022)
  • .Tech Domains x Major League Hacking: 24 Student Programmers Share Their #MyStartInTech Stories, .Tech Domains (2021)
  • UCLA Engineering Outstanding Bachelor Awardee Champions Equity for LGBTQ+ Community, UCLA Samueli Newsroom (2021)
  • Queer in AI with Arjun Subramonian, 500 Queer Scientists (2021)
  • UCLA Samueli Announces 2021 Commencement Awards, UCLA Samueli Newsroom (2021)
  • QWER Hacks: A Case Study on How to Build an Inclusive Hackathon, UCLA Samueli Newsroom (2021)
  • UCLA's ACM AI Podcast Addresses AI and Diversity, Featuring Guests from Underrepresented Communities, UCLA Samueli Newsroom (2021)
  • Student-run tech podcast aims to make computer science more diverse, accessible, Daily Bruin (2021)
  • Students code software to help underrepresented groups in LGTBQ+ hackathon, Daily Bruin (2020)
  • Equality in America Town Hall with Tom Steyer, CNN (2019)
  • Washington, California Students Win Regional Siemens Competition at California Institute of Technology, citybizlist (2017)
  • Indian American STEM Whiz Kids Named 2017 Siemens Regional Finalists, IndiaWest (2017)
  • Three MVHS students make it to semifinal round of Siemens competition, El Estoque (2017)


I am fortunate to mentor brilliant students:

  • Margaret Capetz
  • Naisha Agarwal